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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Happiness and Contentment. I’m 39 years old and I live a blessed life compared to many. No, I’m not super rich nor do I get to take exotic vacations every year. But, I’m healthy, I have a roof over my head, food in my tummy and clean water to drink. Those things alone put me ahead of many. I find in this life I’m happy because I’m content. You see to me, happiness is a feeling and can come and go like the wind. But, true contemptment is a state of mind and being and will not change regardless of the situation. 
I remember setting certain goals in life and I just knew that if I met those goals it would make me happy. But, in reality when I did eventually meet my set goals, yes I was happy for a moment. But then that moment passed and I was off to find the next thing that would bring me happiness. 

You see, with the pursuit of happiness you’ll never be happy because happiness is fluent and can change like the weather. You can look at other people’s lives and wish you were happy like them. But who said they were actually happy? Smiling for a picture is an easy task. Yes, they are on a great vacation, but are they in debt for that moment of fun? Yes those relationships people protray on social media seem like matches in Heaven, but you never know what someone is going through secretly. I’ve learned early on to never envy the appearance of anything. 

But with contentment you’re not easily swayed by the emotion of happiness. I remember when I lived in an apartment with my children. Sure one day I wanted to provide them with a single family home with a yard. But until that time happened, I treated that apartment like it was a million dollar masion. I was content because it supplied our needs and I kept it cleaned because it was a gift from God. I truly believe God won’t bless you with more until you learn to appreciate what you already have. 

So daily I practice the art of contentment. Being content makes me happy. Being content helps me to focus on the blessings of my now. Being content helps me to appreciate my present. Yes, I have goals I want to accomplish in life. But on my way to accomplishing them, I’m content with the pace. 


Too often we get caught up in only celebrating the big accomplishments in our lives, as oppose to the not so big ones. In my opinion, every accomplishment should be celebrated no matter the size. Never undercelebrate yourself and never wait on someone else to celebrate you.

I admit, I too had fallen into the trap of waiting for others approval or applause regarding the accomplishments in my life from others. But, one day it occured to me (after no one cheered me on) that I needed to applaude myself.

When you celebrate yourself it doesn’t always mean doing something big and expensive. You can celebrate by simply taking yourself out to dinner, to a movie or buying yourself a new outfit.

I really believe celebrating smaller accomplishments help you to appreciate the bigger ones. When you get into the practice of celebrating you, you will begin to get excited about what else you can accomplish. You get excited about goal setting and seeing those goals unfold.

I encourage you today to take a moment each time you accomplish a goal to celebrate yourself. Pat youself on the back for your hard work. Look yourself in the mirror and smile because you are amazing!

Just my thoughts…Adrian

“For who hath despised the day of small things? For they rejoice.” Zechariah 4:10a

We all only get one chance at this life, so why not make it the best life you can live? Wake up each day excitedly anticipating good things happening to you. Speak positive affirmations over your life, your busines, your children and your finances. Yes, things will happen that may “cause” you to think negative, but despite whatever is happening choose to focus on positive, uplifting things. (Phillipians 4:8)

One thing I have learned is to rejoice in the small things. Too often we wait for something big to happen in our lives in order to celebrate. But, let me encourage you, whatever accomplishment you’ve achieved celebrate it. And do it big!

If you beat a dead line at work or at school, celebrate! If you got to work on time because there was no traffic, celebrate! If got all the children dressed, fed and to school on time, celebrate! If you able to save money at the grocery or clothing store, celebrate! Never wait till something “big” happens in your life to celebrate.

Tomorrow is not promised so enjoy today to the fullest. Appreciate the small things and be grateful for each moment, accomplishment, hug, smile, cup of coffee and array of beautiful flowers. God has given us so much to be grateful for. Thank him by celebrating all things!

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