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What I have learned during my time here on earth is that everyone has an opinion? To some degree, to be opininated could be a good thing. That means you have your own mind and you are not afraid to express your feelings and views. But, what happens when your opinion is not warranted and has the ability to hurt someone in your process of expressing yourself? 

Honestly, no one can stop an opinionated person from saying whatever, but you can manage how you receive their opinions. Only you can allow what someone says to go in one ear and out the other. Or, you can allow their words to cause you to question how awesome you are as a person and keep you in bondage.

So what someone doesnt like your new dress. If you like it, that is all that matters. When you look in the mirror and only see fabulous then that’s all what counts. 

Where I see most people are still in bondage is when it comes to their past. Yes, you messed up way back when. But, you are a better person now. Stop allowing the opinions of others who knew you way back then, to keep you in your past. God has the ability to help anyone who wants to change. People are always evolving, so ignore the haters. Ignore those who never have anything positive to say. Ingore their opinions and keep pressing forward. 

Sometimes, you gotta make new friends!

We all have a past, but the great thing is that we all have a future too. God’s opinion of you is the only one that truly matters. I encourage you to live the very best life you can live and ignore any counteraction against what you are trying to achieve! 


Everyday God grants everyone the freedom of free-will. After the world and man was created he gave him dominion over the earth. Sadly, with free-will and dominion “man” has caused much destruction across the world and within himself. People may ask why won’t God step up and end the horrible things that are happening across the world. But the truth is, he is allowing us humans free reign and free-will. God does not take back what he has free given. Unfortunately, with this free reign we are slowly killing each other and destroying our planet while ignoring the creator in the process.  

“Lord, you see me suffering. Why won’t you help me pay my bills?” Honestly, yes God sees everything that you are going through, but let me ask you. Did any of your prior choices lead you to such despair? When you had the money to pay your bills, what did you choose to rather spend it on? Keeping it 100%, some stuff we cause on ourselves. I personally can tell my testimony about this.

God gave us all the power of choice. You choose what you were going to wear today, if you were going to brush your teeth or not, which route you were going to take to work, if you were going to eat breakfast or not.You choose who you were going to text or call today. What tweets or posts you were going to make. You choose you would be in your circle of friends, who you were going to marry, if you were going to forgive and even if you were going to hold a grudge. Life is about choices. Your today choices affect your tomorrow life. A simple equation many people don’t get.

In order to live your best life, you have to pray to make good choices. Yes, it’s invitible that we are all gonna make some “not so good choices”. But, when you do, learn from the experience and try to make better choices in the future. Be encouraged, God is willing to help you, but you have to allow him to do so.

I just watched a clip with David Chappelle as he talked to the late Maya Angelou. At one point in the discussion he eluded to the fact that in the 60’s with so many assassinations of great people why wasn’t she angry. She replied that she was angry and that it was okay to be angry for what happened. But, you can never allow bitterness to take a hold of your heart. Bitterness is like poison. This is so very true and once I learned this principle I was free…a new person.

I got a divorce in 2011, and after which I was full of emotions. I had heard about a class I could take at my church for those going through a divorce called, Divorce Care. Didn’t know too much about it, but thought I would give it a shot. They even had divorce care classes for the children, in which I thought was awesome.

In this class, I learned that it’s ok to be angry. I never knew that. I thought being angry was like committing a sin. I wanted to scream, shout and throw a fit due to how I felt I was treated, but I held it inside due to fear that God would be upset with me. There were many references in the Bible that showed it’s okay to be angry. Even God was angry at different times in the Bible, but the only thing is…you can not hold on to anger because it will turn into bitterness and that is not pleasing to God.

I will say, I believe one of my worst, yet best attributes is that I let things go. In time I just get over it and let it go. Life is too short. Now that I have learned that it’s ok to be angry, I embrace it (never denying my emotions), but I never allow it to take up residence in my heart. I don’t ever want my anger to turn into bitterness nor hatred.

I am still a work in progress, but I can now be free in knowing I’m normal and God is not going to cast me into Hell for getting angry. I love who I am and I love people. Do I agree with everything people do? Nope, but I can’t focus on that. I have to focus on being the best person I can be at all times. Praying and slow breathing help me to not “punch a person in the face.” LOL!! But, in the end, I am human. God knows I am trying. We talk daily and he helps me to not sweat the small stuff because he has a greater plan for my life.

So be encouraged, there’s nothing wrong with you. Embrace your emotions, but don’t allow them to set up shop. Learn to let stuff go and be FREE!

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