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Everyone wants to feel as though people actually care about them. With the daily hustle of life, at times it’s hard to catch up with friends. For me, I’m newly married. Not by any means am I saying being married is a hinderance to my friendships, but I will say adding a husband to the mix makes life even busier. Yet, with my faithful planner and scheduled times for “friendship”dates with my girls, dividing my time between working full time, my children, my hubby and friends is doable. At times, tiring, but honestly I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Since Facebook came on the scene (along with other social media) people have become obsessed with “Likes” and “Follows.” Granted for some, being on social media has really taken their life to the next level. 

I’m still waiting for The Steve Harvey Show or Tyler Perry to contact me. But then again…I don’t have a million followers and not that many people are interested in my life to say the least. My “like” numbers are way below stardom level. 

But then again I consider my life pretty simply. Yes, I have some awesome gifts that I attempt to share with the world daily, my focus is on pleasing God. Recently, I stepped away from social media. (Well, just the ones that allow people to “Like” or “follow” you.) I simply wanted to live my life without posting my every move or my every thought out there for my “friend list” to see. I wanted to indulge in my real friendships without “friends” simply “liking” my staus. And for others just to see your business online and say they know you. When in reality all they know is your status.

FYI…People hide behind statues all the time! 

I can honestly say the time I removed myself from social media I was able to focus on more important things. I actually was able to get a lot done because I wasn’t consumed with scrolling though my timeline to see what people were doing. What I can honestly say is that those who actually care about you, check on you. Real friends call to set up lunch dates or call/text to check you.

Here are some things I’ve learned from NOT updating my status:

  1.  I am blessed to have great friends outside of social media. I have great friends that actually care about made and my family. 
  2. Facebook stalkers are REAL. They don’t really care about you, they just want to know your business. 
  3. When you don’t post about your relationship for some time, people assume you two aren’t doing good. So sad. 
  4. I can accomplish so much more by directing my focus towards things of importance. 
  5. Social media won’t become a mini God in my life. I gotta keep Christ first.
  6. Many people on social media ain’t talking about anything important.
  7. God can speak to me freely without having to compete with my addiction to social media. 
  8. Social media can become addictive. 

I want to encourage all those who are reading this to take a break from social media for a set amount of time. Trust me, you will still live. Life will go on. Focus on not putting anything before God. Learn to be still and listen to your inner self. Learn you are valuable and important outside of Social media. 


I am NOT religious by any means. I am a Christian and I’ve been one for some years now. My Christianity is a way of life; a lifestyle. Am I perfect? Nope? Do I make mistakes and need God’s grace to cover me? Yep! But, I can say I do daily seek to please God by my actions and words. I stay in my word/Bible daily so I could be full of his wisdom.

If all that being said, I am a Christian who likes to have fun. Laughter is good for the soul. And if I can make one person smile/laugh/forget their problems by cracking a joke, I plan to do so.

It’s so sad that people think Christians are suppose to act a certain way. (Well, we are. Yes, we are set apart, but that’s not what I’m referring to.) God gave me emotions and one of those is joy. I am by nature a happy person. I love doing fun things and enjoying this life God allowed me to have. I am a Christian and I love having fun.

I have two small boys who are very energetic. We are always doing or going somewhere exciting. Life was given to us to enjoy, not just sit at home “judging” people for “their” sins. Because of course, Christians NEVER sin!! Yea, ok. ##byefelicia

I love to dance, sing, shoot pool and go to comedy clubs. In my opinion, Christians need to get out more and enjoy life. There is a time and place for everything. A time to worship and serve. And a time to run through a field of flowers bare feet.

Live your life! Celebrate your life! Be a Christian and have fun regardless of what others may think of you. As long as God is okay with it then carry on…

Just my thoughts…Adrian

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