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The older I get the more God opens my eyes to the different personalities of people. Some of these personalities blend well with mine, while there are others who leave me hurt and confused by their actions. 

Back in 2008, Bishop TD Jakes spoke a sermon on the three types of friends. As he proceeds into his sermon he warns those listening to watch out for the character of people. 

The first group are CONFIDONTS. You will have very few of these on your life. These are your “ride or die” type of friends. They will be in your corner through Hell and high water. Whether you are up or down, they will have your back. These people don’t drain you, but rather pour back into your life so that you can pour into others. I can honestly say, I know who these people are in my life. 

The next group are the CONSTITUENTS. These people are not about you. They are merely into what you’re for. They aren’t really into you. They aren’t really your friend. They are in your life only because they like what you like. 

The third group are the COMRADES. This group of people are really not in your life for the long term. They come for a certain purpose, then they leave. Don’t expect them to react to your visions/dreams/goals the way you thought they would because they never really believed in you in the first place. 

Be careful who you tell your dreams to. 

During this year, God has truly shown me who these three types of people are in my life. I vent to God and to my husband regarding how I thought certain people were my “true” friends, yet their actions prove something different. My weakness is that I always believe the best in people. I don’t want to think bad of anyone, but some people just need to exit my life. 

It hurts that I have ask for help or support from people that I’ve wholeheartedly supported during their time of acting on the vision God has given them. For example,  I can send text messages for support with no responses. Only to send a follow up a few days later asking if they got my text, and their answer is, “yes.” Wow, I was totally disregarded. Hurts, but I know God has a plan. 

Everyone in your life is not going to be for you when you need them. This I know as truth. But, God will always be there and will supply you with not only what you need, but also put you in the company of those who will help you. 

Never give up on your dreams and goals because it seems like no one supports you. If God gave you the dream all you need to do is keep believing and trust him. Trust him, one step at a time. Trust him, one day at a time. 

Below, i’ve attached the video of the sermon if you’re interested in hearing it.


One of my gifts is that of an encourager. I am very grateful for this gift because it enables me to speak into the lives of others and give them a word of hope. My gift is so sensitive that I can even sense stuff going on with people even if I’m not around them on a regular basis. What I mean by that is, God will place a certain person in my heart and I will contact them out of the blue and give them a word of encouragement. Everytime, I do this the person is going through a storm and my words lifted their spirits/emotions. 

I don’t take my gift for granted. 

I believe we all have a gift and we should carry out our gifts to their full potentials. 

But to be honest, at times encouraging others on a daily basis is draining and sometimes I simply want someone to reach out and encourage me. It’s shocking how so many people are engulfed in their own problems that they don’t take time to check on their own friends. It’s hurts often, but I try to pray and get past it. 

My phone rings very few times with someone who just wants to say hi or to simply check on how I’m doing. 

So many times when i’m feeling alone, I turn to God for strength. I know I can always talk to him about anything and at any time. When I need encouragement, he sends me to his word. I feel much better after I good conversation with my Heavenly Father. 

Another thing I do is become my own cheerleader. Since no one else really knows my struggles or successes, I celebrate myself. I give myself a high five. Others may not text or call me, but I can be there for myself! 

So I want to encourage you, if you ever feel as no one cares about you. Realize that God really cares and he will be there for you when no one else is. God will encourage and celebrate you, but you have to be able to celebrate yourself too. Stop depending on others for what you can give yourself. 

I’m learning to celebrate and encourage myself by doing things for myself. Even if it’s simple things like buying myself an ice cream cone or a snicker candy bar. I love myself. I love my gift of encouragement. And I will never stop loving people or myself. 

What I have learned during my time here on earth is that everyone has an opinion? To some degree, to be opininated could be a good thing. That means you have your own mind and you are not afraid to express your feelings and views. But, what happens when your opinion is not warranted and has the ability to hurt someone in your process of expressing yourself? 

Honestly, no one can stop an opinionated person from saying whatever, but you can manage how you receive their opinions. Only you can allow what someone says to go in one ear and out the other. Or, you can allow their words to cause you to question how awesome you are as a person and keep you in bondage.

So what someone doesnt like your new dress. If you like it, that is all that matters. When you look in the mirror and only see fabulous then that’s all what counts. 

Where I see most people are still in bondage is when it comes to their past. Yes, you messed up way back when. But, you are a better person now. Stop allowing the opinions of others who knew you way back then, to keep you in your past. God has the ability to help anyone who wants to change. People are always evolving, so ignore the haters. Ignore those who never have anything positive to say. Ingore their opinions and keep pressing forward. 

Sometimes, you gotta make new friends!

We all have a past, but the great thing is that we all have a future too. God’s opinion of you is the only one that truly matters. I encourage you to live the very best life you can live and ignore any counteraction against what you are trying to achieve! 


Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always enjoyed writing. I started off writing poems, then short stories. My twelth grade year of high school I wrote, produced and directed my first stage play. That was a very exciting moment for me. During my freshmen year of college, I was blessed to have a short story published in an anthology by the Detroit Black Writer Guild. What a honor that was for me.

Since then, I’ve written other plays, but never to performance status. In 2006, I wrote and published my very first fictional book, Without Saying a Word.
Since then I’ve written other books, but my newest blessing has been the childrens series I’ve been working on, Giants for God.

This series of childrens books are extra special to me because the main characters in these books are my boys. In each book, there is a practical life lesson in which has reference to a particular scripture in the Bible.

Above is the cover of the third book in this series. I love this cover and I really think my illustrator has done an amazing job. Book release will be this summer. I hope many people are blessed by this book!

All my books can be purchased on

Announcing my new book release in the series: Giants for God. This book, second in the series deals with the concept of sharing. Book is geared towards children ages 6-12. Purchases can be made at and soon on Amazon. Get your copy today!


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Since I’ve been here on Earth, I can truly say I’ve been blessed to have met and maintained so many great friendships and close relationships with people along the way. True, some of those friendships I wish could be closer, but I understand there are a lot of factors which play a role in that like distance. Yet, even with distance I thank God for phones, computers and technology in general. These things help a lot with keeping lasting relationships with my friends.

Yes, I’ve seen a lot of people come and go into my life. Some I miss dearly, some I’m glad the relationship ended. No one needs drama in a friendship or a relationship period.

I marvel at the fact that there are some friends in which I don’t get a chance to talk to everyday, but when we do pick up the phone to chat it’s like we’re able to pick up right where we left off. What a blessing. Then there are some friends in which have had my back when times were rough. That bunch of friends really have a special place in my heart and I thank God for them daily. Then there are those forever friends that when you’re not able to talk to them on a regular you feel as though something is missing. I have a couple of those friends.

The Bible says, in order to have friends one must shew himself friendly. And I have to say, I’m not perfect, but I’ve tried my best to be a great friend to the people God has sent into my life. Although at times my intentions may not have been interrupted right in every situation, I meant well.

I am so thankful for my dear friends who even if we have a disagreement about something, we discuss it and get over it. (even after a couple of years.) I truly believe having healthy friendship helps in having a healthy life.

So this blog post is to all my friends near and far to whom I hold dear to my heart. Know that I love you and that you mean the world to me. Thank you for the laughs, times when I needed to vent and cry. For those times when you were there to hang out after school, the times when we would call ourselves working out, only to go play air hockey. Thank you for the times, you told not to worry because you had my back. But most of all, during though really rough personal times, thank you for not leaving our friendship but rather enduring whatever I was facing head on with me.

To all my true friend and to all those who love me, I just wanted to say thank you.

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