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Let me start off by saying, I am not into politics AT ALL. Yet, I will admit Trump fasinates me. I say this because from what I hear, he doesn’t have any political background, yet he decided to run for the highest position in America. And in his heart he believes he can win. I admire this so much  because that’s the true definition of FAITH! 

“Now FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

This man despite all odds is going full steam towards his dreams. I may not agree with some of things he says or does, but watching him in action has catapulted my FAITH levels. If he can see himself as President, I should be able to see myself as a New York Times Best Seller. I believe the word of God when it says, “But with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 9:26

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Mark 11:24
But getting on that list or achieving anything in life takes work. Nothing is simply handed to anyone. I must be diligent and be faithful with my part and God will be faithful with his part. I then must trust his perfect timing and stop looking at my watch. 

I want to encourage everyone reading this blog post that if you can first see it in your mind, then it can become your reality. Stop focusing on the now and who you are right now. But rather, view yourself as what you want to become. Live in your mind as if you are already who you are trying to become. The first step is to first think it. Next, speak it. Speak it daily. 

“For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.” Mark 11:23


For many women, especially single moms we wonder about a lot. With working full-time, some going to school to better their chances in the employment arena and raising children, many are just simply tired. 

But for outsiders, they don’t know the struggle. Women in general carry a large weigh on their shoulders. Everyday they are faced with obstacles and they have to find a way to navigate through it. 

Yes, hard work pays off. But in the midst of the hard work comes a lot of tears. Friends and family don’t see these tears because often they are left on our soaked pillow cases. Our prayers are many and our faith is strong. 

But we are tired. 

We get it done often times with no encouragement and support. We get it done daily by the inner strength God grants us. We get it done late, only to start early the next day to start all over again. 

Women are strong. Women are amazing. More people need to admire the woman and appreciate her. When she is tired, don’t judge her. Rather let her rest. Women get things done and although some days are harder than others. I would still choose being a woman any day!

I salute you!

I will admit, I can be impatient at times. I think we all have succumb to the impatient bug at some point in our lives. I have talked to God about my issue. I think acknowledging it is the first step to a better you. Or, sometimes I feel as though this is how I am and I accept it for what it is. My impatence is personal, but what happens when you are waiting on God? 

Over the weekend one of my friends had a baby girl. To the average person who don’t know her and and husband’s testimony, having a baby is no big deal. But, their story goes back eleven years when they first got married. Unlike most, they wanted for sex until after marriage. I commend them to the up most. 

But my friend suffers from fibroids, thus becoming pregnant wasn’t easy. Although I wasn’t personally in their heads or in their marriage, I could only imagine that there were many days of frustration and crying out to the Lord. They probably felt as if God had forsaken them or wasn’t hearing their prayers. While they were being faithful to the ministry, they probably often wondered when would their time come? 

Yet the kept the faith and baby was born. Not in their timing, but in Gods timing. 

Thus, there story has helped me with dealing with my impatient attitude. Maybe there is a hold button because God is waiting for the right time? Maybe there is a pause because God wants me to be fully ready for what I’ve been praying for? Maybe the answer is flat out NO! I need to be okay with that. 

My micerowave mentality is slowing changing because things don’t always go the way I want them to go, when I want them to go that way. It’s a daily process, but God has nothing but time. I am a work in progress, but waiting helps me to grow my faith and trust God more. 

Waiting may be a blessing. Be ok with the process. God has a plan. 

I believe many people who are trying to do better and be better have expienced the longing for someone to believe in what they are doing, their dreams and goals, and help in some way or another. Honestly, all we want is a quick “hook up.” Unfortunately, many people don’t want to work hard anymore, but rather they simply want a hand out; a microwave success story. 

Realize God is still in the business of blessing people, so why is your main concern regarding “meeting that right person” in your field, at your company, at your church or in your neighborhood? Whatever God has planned for you will happen when it’s suppose to happen. You will meet the people you need to meet at the right time. God has already orchestrated divine connections for your life,so why are you stressing? 

Faith without works is dead, so simply do your part and God will take care of the rest. You don’t need a human co signer to your vision, all you need is the support of God. He created the world out of nothing, so surely he can get you to where you need to be in life. But your job is to simply trust him and NOT lean to your own understanding. Quit trying to do things your way and seek God for guildence. 

I got married in 2005. Should I had? Probably not, but I did. I thought I was getting old and I honestly wanted children. My boyfriend at the time was a good guy. I think we all have issues, but to be honest I ignored some red flags that I should have paid more attention to. For the most part he treated me nice. I really didn’t have any complaints. We argued and we made up. Typical I suppose for any relationship. One time we broke up, another female got in the picture and it was then I knew I didn’t want to be without him. Was I in love? No, but I did love him. So eventually we got engaged and a year to the day we met we got married. Fast to some, but we did it.

We got pregnant right away. All intentional. We wanted kids. Guess he thought he was getting old too. Had a boy, then got pregnant again and had another boy. Life got busy. Marriage got hard. More fights began to occur. Depression set in. I wanted to die.

One day he decided we should move south for a new start. Hey, I am a free-spirited person I went along with it. I packed up our four bedroom, two car garage and left the East without a job, only with my faith.

I felt imprisoned. I knew no one yet so I had to get to know the people he already knew. They were nice. They became like family. I was content for the most part, but I still longed for my own friends. Friends outside of the church we were attending.

In the South, things got worse before they got better. I began to fear for my life. It was like I was living two different lives. I smiled in front of people, but at home I was crying my eyes out like a baby. I didn’t want to live like this. God can not want me to live in such fear. One night I made a decision. This was one of the hardest decisions I had ever made. I decided I wanted a divorce. Getting a divorce would mean splitting up the family, but I was in so much pain, I only wanted peace. I didn’t want to take the boys away from their dad, but I really thought if I’d stayed I would have died.

Many people stay in marriages for the children, but that would not have been wise for me. They saw us arguing, and I didn’t want them growing up with that as a constant memory in their minds. My focus was on them. Their health and happiness. I didn’t want them to see us fighting or me crying everyday. I wanted their childhood to be full of great memories.

God made a way for me to leave. It took a lot of faith and courage. I left with no job and no money, but God provided for me and my boys everyday and in every way. My life is happy now and me and their dad are on good terms. Forgiveness played a big role and it took me years to totally forgive him, but I can honestly say I do and I am in a great place in my life.

For those in abusive relationships, I would encourage you to look out for you. Your happiness and well being are important to God. Love yourself and in faith make a decision that will cause you to get your happy back!

I can’t believe June will be here in only a few days. Wow, where has this year gone? It seems as though time is going on warp speed. As I sit here I ponder on my dreams and goals. Am I accomplishing the things I set out to do? Am I giving life to my vision board? Am I using my gifts and talents to encourage and help others? Tomorrow is not promised, so staying focused is a must.

In my opinion life is a balancing act. With working full time, being a mom, a newlywed, author and aspiring motivational speaker, I need more time. Or, do I?

“Redeeming the time because the days are evil.” Ephesians 5:16

This scripture speaks volumes. With all that I am trying to accomplish in my life, I must be wise with my time. I must be wise with who I hang around and the activities I endulge in. I must stay focused on my goals, my dreams and visions.

Life is a balancing act, but with focus things can be accomplished. With focus you can cause your dreams to become a reality. Balancing means you’re not trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Balancing means you are in tune with the time you have, thus you make the most of it.

Leaning how to balance doesn’t happen over night, so don’t get discouraged. But rather, with each day focus on your goals a little at a time. Celebrate the small sucesses and always appauld yourself. Pray for direction and always keep moving in a foward direction.

Before you know it, the time you have been given was used wisely and effectively and you were able to accomplish a lot.


Sometimes, I honestly want to give back my adult card and be a kid again. Being grown can be very hard at times due to all the responsibilities that are required as an adult. From rent, doctor bills, car notes and insurance, utility bills and a heap load of other stuff, managing it all can be a bit overwhelming. Not to mention those adults who are parents. Those responsibilities of rearing good children are endless. No longer is it just about you, but now you are responsible for the life of another human being.

I’m one of those adults who has children and bills. I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for anyone else’s, but I’ve been through storms in which I did not know how we were going to pay a certain bill or what we were going to eat next.

My testimony is that although at times I lacked resources, I was full of faith. Faith is what gets God’s attention. Faith causes angels to work on your behalf. Faith causes things to happen in the spiritual first, then supernaturally in the natural.

Life for me and my family nowadays is pretty cool calm and collective. I’m very grateful for all of the blessings in our lives. When my finances are low, I call forth money to come into my reality. God owns everything. And being that he is my Heavenly father and I am his child, when I ask for anything he blesses me with it.

Please don’t get me wrong, sometimes things don’t happen on my time clock, but God is always on time. Yes, there are times when God seems to want to till the last minute, but that’s where faith kicks in.

We have all been given a measure of faith, but it’s up to us to exercise and grow our faith to great levels. The question should never be if God wants to do something, but rather are you willing to do your part by praying and trusting him.

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