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As I scroll through my Facebook feed, I find it really appauling how people feel compelled to post when they help someone in need. I wonder to myself, what is the purpose?

But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” Matthew 6:3 NIV

Why is helping people now a show for “likes” on a picture or video? Whatever happened to helping someone in secret? Whatever happened to allowing God to bless you however he chooses, as oppose to, people chanting your name because you did a good deed?

My passion is to help people. I love being a servant for God. But, I do want attention or human acknowledgement for it. When I do things for others, I want them to be blessed and to realize that there are “human” angels on this earth in which God uses to bless others.

I refuse to take pictures of these people only to post them for likes. I consider myself a secret angel for God. I am grateful for the apreciation from whomever I’ve helped, but them saying thank you is enough. My blessings come from God and I’m okay with that. The more he blesses me, the more I can help others.

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It’s easy to fall into the trap of caring about what people think.  As children we are taught to obey and do what our parents or adults tell us what do it. “Eat this,” “Say that,” “Go here!” “Don’t go there!” It’s a never ending cycle that could cause a weak minded individual to become almost robotic. Children are customary people pleasers, but at some point when maturity sets in, people need to think for themselves and have a mind of their own.

I remember when I moved away from home for the first time. Not only did I move out of the house, I moved to another state towards the area where the events of 9/11 took place. My friends and family couldn’t believe I was doing this. Of course my mom didn’t want me to go, but I had to do what I felt I needed to do at that time. And without knowing a single person, I set sail and headed east. My time there was amazing. I grew and matured a lot while there. I learned valuable lessons that have helped me to become the person I am today.

Interestingly enough, as a good wife I followed my now ex husband to the south. Of course, once again people didn’t want to see me leave and had tons of opinions regarding my leaving. But, despite what people thought I should do, God had a hidden plan and he knew years later my mom would be diagnosed with cancer and I would be living in an area that has the best facilities to treat people with cancer. Praise God! And now my mom is doing very good after her treatments.

Yes it is good to talk to people about different things regarding your life, but one must always remember to listen to God first. He can see tomorrow, so it’s best to trust him and not the opinions of others.

There will always be people who are not gonna to like you or the decisions you make, accepting that will lead to peace of mind. Be committed to living your life the best way you know how. If people want to support you and wish you well, awesome, if not, that’s okay too because you weren’t created to make people happy.

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