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One of my gifts is that of an encourager. I am very grateful for this gift because it enables me to speak into the lives of others and give them a word of hope. My gift is so sensitive that I can even sense stuff going on with people even if I’m not around them on a regular basis. What I mean by that is, God will place a certain person in my heart and I will contact them out of the blue and give them a word of encouragement. Everytime, I do this the person is going through a storm and my words lifted their spirits/emotions. 

I don’t take my gift for granted. 

I believe we all have a gift and we should carry out our gifts to their full potentials. 

But to be honest, at times encouraging others on a daily basis is draining and sometimes I simply want someone to reach out and encourage me. It’s shocking how so many people are engulfed in their own problems that they don’t take time to check on their own friends. It’s hurts often, but I try to pray and get past it. 

My phone rings very few times with someone who just wants to say hi or to simply check on how I’m doing. 

So many times when i’m feeling alone, I turn to God for strength. I know I can always talk to him about anything and at any time. When I need encouragement, he sends me to his word. I feel much better after I good conversation with my Heavenly Father. 

Another thing I do is become my own cheerleader. Since no one else really knows my struggles or successes, I celebrate myself. I give myself a high five. Others may not text or call me, but I can be there for myself! 

So I want to encourage you, if you ever feel as no one cares about you. Realize that God really cares and he will be there for you when no one else is. God will encourage and celebrate you, but you have to be able to celebrate yourself too. Stop depending on others for what you can give yourself. 

I’m learning to celebrate and encourage myself by doing things for myself. Even if it’s simple things like buying myself an ice cream cone or a snicker candy bar. I love myself. I love my gift of encouragement. And I will never stop loving people or myself. 


I got married in 2005. Should I had? Probably not, but I did. I thought I was getting old and I honestly wanted children. My boyfriend at the time was a good guy. I think we all have issues, but to be honest I ignored some red flags that I should have paid more attention to. For the most part he treated me nice. I really didn’t have any complaints. We argued and we made up. Typical I suppose for any relationship. One time we broke up, another female got in the picture and it was then I knew I didn’t want to be without him. Was I in love? No, but I did love him. So eventually we got engaged and a year to the day we met we got married. Fast to some, but we did it.

We got pregnant right away. All intentional. We wanted kids. Guess he thought he was getting old too. Had a boy, then got pregnant again and had another boy. Life got busy. Marriage got hard. More fights began to occur. Depression set in. I wanted to die.

One day he decided we should move south for a new start. Hey, I am a free-spirited person I went along with it. I packed up our four bedroom, two car garage and left the East without a job, only with my faith.

I felt imprisoned. I knew no one yet so I had to get to know the people he already knew. They were nice. They became like family. I was content for the most part, but I still longed for my own friends. Friends outside of the church we were attending.

In the South, things got worse before they got better. I began to fear for my life. It was like I was living two different lives. I smiled in front of people, but at home I was crying my eyes out like a baby. I didn’t want to live like this. God can not want me to live in such fear. One night I made a decision. This was one of the hardest decisions I had ever made. I decided I wanted a divorce. Getting a divorce would mean splitting up the family, but I was in so much pain, I only wanted peace. I didn’t want to take the boys away from their dad, but I really thought if I’d stayed I would have died.

Many people stay in marriages for the children, but that would not have been wise for me. They saw us arguing, and I didn’t want them growing up with that as a constant memory in their minds. My focus was on them. Their health and happiness. I didn’t want them to see us fighting or me crying everyday. I wanted their childhood to be full of great memories.

God made a way for me to leave. It took a lot of faith and courage. I left with no job and no money, but God provided for me and my boys everyday and in every way. My life is happy now and me and their dad are on good terms. Forgiveness played a big role and it took me years to totally forgive him, but I can honestly say I do and I am in a great place in my life.

For those in abusive relationships, I would encourage you to look out for you. Your happiness and well being are important to God. Love yourself and in faith make a decision that will cause you to get your happy back!


“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Everyone has a purpose, a reason for their existence. Everyone also has been giving a gift in which God embeded in your being when you were given life. Some people have one, while others may have many others. But, regardless of the number of gifts given, my question to you is…what are you doing with what you’ve been given?

God gets excited when we praise him, but I believe he also gets excited when we use our gifts to his glory as we help and encourage others around us. It’s unfortunate when someone has wasted many precious years of their life not knowing their purpose or what their gift is. Our time here on this earth is very limited, thus one goal I encourage everyone to do is find out is why you are here.

Finding this out takes some alone time. Finding this out means not logging into social media or your emails, but actually sitting by yourself while talking to your Creator. He has all the anwsers, so quiet yourself and listen to his voice. He will answer your questions and give you direction.

Next, once you’ve figured out your purpose, dreams and goals you must only focus on YOUR purpose, dreams and goals. I say this because it is very easy to look left or right and see the suceess of someone else and get discouraged. Their race is not yours, so stay focused.

Trusting God in the midst of living out your dreams and goals is a must. It’s so easy to fill like a failure when things aren’t lining up the way you would want them to. It’s easy to want to give up when you need a certain amount of cash, only to look at the balance in your bank and you don’t have the needed funds.

It’s during these times God wants you to stop looking at your situation. Stop looking at your “right now,” but rather see things how he sees them. Daily focus on seeing life the way God sees it. Practice living a faith lifestyle. Take life one day at a time, one prayer at a time. Above all, never give up.

Begin to see things no one else can see. See things the way God intended for you to see them. Stop looking at life like every other human. You are a child of God, thus you were created for greatness. I want to encourage you to work your gift the way only you can work it!

Believe in yourself. Change your vision, thus changing your life!


“This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24

Stop putting off your happiness for another day. Tomorrow is not promised, thus enjoy the blessings of today. Unfortunately, no one is exempt from problems, but realize God made you more than a conquerour, so be encouraged you will get through this tough season.

Your happiness shouldn’t rest in if things are always going your way or if they are running smoothly. Your happiness should come from within you, within your heart and within your mind first. If ever you are having a rough day, think yourself happy. Laugh just because. Who needs a reason?? Once you make focusing on being happy and laughing on purpose, you will soon discover you will begin to become a happy person.

Rejoice in knowing that God thought enough of you to allow you to see this new day. If you are reading this, your purpose has not yet been fulfilled and God is still working through you.

So even if yesterday was hard, God still did not leave nor forsake you. Rejoice in today and focus on tomorrow. I believe in you…

Just my thoughts…Adrian


All my life I’ve loved to write. I’ve written short stories, poems, a play and books. To date, I have published six books with two more in the works. I thank God for my gift and I promised him that I would always use it to his glory.

If you would like to know where to purchase any of my books please visit.

Just my thoughts…Adrian

Too often we get caught up in only celebrating the big accomplishments in our lives, as oppose to the not so big ones. In my opinion, every accomplishment should be celebrated no matter the size. Never undercelebrate yourself and never wait on someone else to celebrate you.

I admit, I too had fallen into the trap of waiting for others approval or applause regarding the accomplishments in my life from others. But, one day it occured to me (after no one cheered me on) that I needed to applaude myself.

When you celebrate yourself it doesn’t always mean doing something big and expensive. You can celebrate by simply taking yourself out to dinner, to a movie or buying yourself a new outfit.

I really believe celebrating smaller accomplishments help you to appreciate the bigger ones. When you get into the practice of celebrating you, you will begin to get excited about what else you can accomplish. You get excited about goal setting and seeing those goals unfold.

I encourage you today to take a moment each time you accomplish a goal to celebrate yourself. Pat youself on the back for your hard work. Look yourself in the mirror and smile because you are amazing!

Just my thoughts…Adrian

Daily Inspiration 10/19/2015:

“Yet ye have not, because ye ask not.” James 4:2b

In my house I get this question often, “How come he can have that?” My simple answer is because, he asked for it. In my lifetime I’ve realized God responds in a similar way. He responds to action. When I stop assuming God is a mind reader and I simply open my mouth and verbally ask for what I need/want (with the right motive, of course) God opens doors on my behalf. I encourage you today to open your mouth and ask God in faith for whatever you need. Never waver in your faith no matter how long you think it’s taking. “For everyone who asks recieves.” Matt 7:8a

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