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I am totally a people person, but sometimes liking people can be difficult. I say this because when I consider you a friend, I give 110%. But, often times i’m the one who gets the short end of the stick in the friendship/relationship. 

Because I’m a natural extrovert (and a dental hygient) my first instinct is to engage in conversation. I love to talk and encourage people. But, sometimes people can be really mean. I try to remain focused because their actions have nothing to do with me. I was just the one on the receiving end from the stress they were enduring. 

For example the other day, I brought my patient back to begin his appointment. This is a gentleman I see every six months, who is generally a upbeat person. But, this time he had a chip on his shoulder. I had him sit in my chair and I asked, “How are you today?” His response was, “I’m here!” It kinda took me off guard cause it was kinda a smart out the mouth answer. But, I let it go and proceeded to clean his teeth. 

Unbeit known to me until he told me, he also had an appointment with the dentist right after his cleaning in which he was to have some teeth extracted and other stuff completed. Apparently this had him on edge. 

When he first responded in a different manner, I am so glad I focused on the man I previously knew and not the anxious one sitting in my chair that day. For one moment, I didn’t like him, but God reminded me to still show love regardless. And i’m glad I did. 

My personality never changed despite how I was responded to and I believe God took noticed and was pleased by my actions. 

So remember when you encounter someone who may be  short with you in their responses or manner, it may not have anything to do with you. Unfortunately, you are just the receiver for all the stress and pressure they’ve endured. Yes, at that moment it’s hard to  like the person, but you must always show love. ❤


The other day I was in my day to work. I had just dropped my children off at child care, only to be greeted by huge storm clouds. They were extremely dark and my first thought was to go back and get my kids. But it hadn’t started raining yet and quite frankly, I got bills to pay so I headed to work. 

As the morning progressed, the rain and wind hit against my window at work. Yet, the building or the windows were penetrated by its forces. 

This caused me to think…

Sometimes in our lives storms come. Every storm may be different for each person, but while in the storm you begin to wonder if you are going to make it through. Storms can vary from sickness, depression, death and the lack of financies. But, I want to encourage you today that although your current storm is a hard one to endure. I promise you that storm won’t last forever. 

Yes, you’re struggling and asking God, why? But, despite what you may think. Storms bring growth and change. 

By the end of my work day, the storm had cleared and there appeared a rainbow. I had made it through Yet another storm. (just like you will) And just like this storm, there will be others. But, be strong and keep the faith cause this too shall pass. 

For many women, especially single moms we wonder about a lot. With working full-time, some going to school to better their chances in the employment arena and raising children, many are just simply tired. 

But for outsiders, they don’t know the struggle. Women in general carry a large weigh on their shoulders. Everyday they are faced with obstacles and they have to find a way to navigate through it. 

Yes, hard work pays off. But in the midst of the hard work comes a lot of tears. Friends and family don’t see these tears because often they are left on our soaked pillow cases. Our prayers are many and our faith is strong. 

But we are tired. 

We get it done often times with no encouragement and support. We get it done daily by the inner strength God grants us. We get it done late, only to start early the next day to start all over again. 

Women are strong. Women are amazing. More people need to admire the woman and appreciate her. When she is tired, don’t judge her. Rather let her rest. Women get things done and although some days are harder than others. I would still choose being a woman any day!

I salute you!

I personally don’t think of myself as a quiet person because i’m a exorvert and I love people. But, I can have periods of time in which I recognize it’s time to quiet myself and listen to my Creator. 

“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

I am a woman of faith and one who knows how to pray to get results. To me, prayer doesn’t have to be a certain time of the day. Nor, does it have to be for a certain reason for me to pray. But, prayer needs to be something that happens all the time. There is always something to pray about.

When I’m driving in my car, I’m praying. When my I tuck my children into their beds, I’m praying. When I’m with my patients, I’m praying. When I am in the shower, I’m praying.

Prayer is a covering! 

I want to encourage you to always pray. Prayer changes things. Prayer is a conversation with God. It’s in prayer that will you find answers. 

One of my gifts is that of an encourager. I am very grateful for this gift because it enables me to speak into the lives of others and give them a word of hope. My gift is so sensitive that I can even sense stuff going on with people even if I’m not around them on a regular basis. What I mean by that is, God will place a certain person in my heart and I will contact them out of the blue and give them a word of encouragement. Everytime, I do this the person is going through a storm and my words lifted their spirits/emotions. 

I don’t take my gift for granted. 

I believe we all have a gift and we should carry out our gifts to their full potentials. 

But to be honest, at times encouraging others on a daily basis is draining and sometimes I simply want someone to reach out and encourage me. It’s shocking how so many people are engulfed in their own problems that they don’t take time to check on their own friends. It’s hurts often, but I try to pray and get past it. 

My phone rings very few times with someone who just wants to say hi or to simply check on how I’m doing. 

So many times when i’m feeling alone, I turn to God for strength. I know I can always talk to him about anything and at any time. When I need encouragement, he sends me to his word. I feel much better after I good conversation with my Heavenly Father. 

Another thing I do is become my own cheerleader. Since no one else really knows my struggles or successes, I celebrate myself. I give myself a high five. Others may not text or call me, but I can be there for myself! 

So I want to encourage you, if you ever feel as no one cares about you. Realize that God really cares and he will be there for you when no one else is. God will encourage and celebrate you, but you have to be able to celebrate yourself too. Stop depending on others for what you can give yourself. 

I’m learning to celebrate and encourage myself by doing things for myself. Even if it’s simple things like buying myself an ice cream cone or a snicker candy bar. I love myself. I love my gift of encouragement. And I will never stop loving people or myself. 

I saw this tree on a recent vacation and I couldn’t help but to marvel at it stature and majesty. I’m pretty sure this tree had been around for a long time due to its size. As I stared at it, I began to envision all of what this tree possibly had to endure. Yet, it still has managed to thrive. 

In this life, that’s exactly what God wants us to do. Regardless, of what’s going around us, he wants us to thrive and not just survive. Jesus didn’t just come, die and resurrect just for us to live a mediocore life. 

Just like this tree, despite what you may endure, you have to stand tall. There will always be those who will be jealous of your success, but just keep growing in your niche’ and ignore the noise. 

This tree was possibly grown for its beauty and shade. Begin to focus on your own gifts and talents as you sore to achieving your goals. Everyone has a purpose. Focus on yours and God will open doors into you. 

In order to live your best life, you have to focus of thriving and not merely surviving. 

I will admit, I can be impatient at times. I think we all have succumb to the impatient bug at some point in our lives. I have talked to God about my issue. I think acknowledging it is the first step to a better you. Or, sometimes I feel as though this is how I am and I accept it for what it is. My impatence is personal, but what happens when you are waiting on God? 

Over the weekend one of my friends had a baby girl. To the average person who don’t know her and and husband’s testimony, having a baby is no big deal. But, their story goes back eleven years when they first got married. Unlike most, they wanted for sex until after marriage. I commend them to the up most. 

But my friend suffers from fibroids, thus becoming pregnant wasn’t easy. Although I wasn’t personally in their heads or in their marriage, I could only imagine that there were many days of frustration and crying out to the Lord. They probably felt as if God had forsaken them or wasn’t hearing their prayers. While they were being faithful to the ministry, they probably often wondered when would their time come? 

Yet the kept the faith and baby was born. Not in their timing, but in Gods timing. 

Thus, there story has helped me with dealing with my impatient attitude. Maybe there is a hold button because God is waiting for the right time? Maybe there is a pause because God wants me to be fully ready for what I’ve been praying for? Maybe the answer is flat out NO! I need to be okay with that. 

My micerowave mentality is slowing changing because things don’t always go the way I want them to go, when I want them to go that way. It’s a daily process, but God has nothing but time. I am a work in progress, but waiting helps me to grow my faith and trust God more. 

Waiting may be a blessing. Be ok with the process. God has a plan. 

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