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One day I asked God how could I make a difference in this world? With so much saddness going on around us, how could little ole’ me bring a smile to someone else’s face? Then he told me…

You see, I love children. I would of had more than the two I have, but I quickly learned where babies came from and I wasn’t too sold on the idea. Sorry I digressed! 

As I sat watching t.v., something I rarely do, I prayed and listened. God showed me a vision of celebrating with children on their birth day. These particular children I was to celebrate with were not your typical children. Rather, these children would be from low income homes or those living in shelters. 

I was blessed to grow up in a home and my birthday was celebrated every year by my mom. But, so often these children are overlooked due to finances or other reasons. 

This is why I wanted to start a non profit organization geared towards surprising these children with a personalized birthday party. 

This organization is still in the developing stage because with everything comes a cost. Would you please be a blessing to me and the future children I plan to celebrate by giving a donation towards the filing fees with lawyers and the IRS? Any amount would truly be a blessing. Thank you again and I’m super excited about what is about to take place in the lives of children.

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I remember when me and my ex husband divorced, my “status” changed in many ways. On forms, I now had to check divorced, as opposed to married. I also had to come to grips with another toe curling stereotype title, single mom.

I hated that title more than anything. At the time of my separation and divorce I attended a very large church. Every Sunday I would see different couples file in with their children and there I was, all alone in a seat with no one beside me who was my partner. The groups I now had to join were either for women in general, or for single parents. When people found out I didn’t have a husband, although they were kind and meant no harm, to me they would always have this pity look on their face. Internally, this took a toil on me. I didn’t want to be different, but to some degree I was. So eventually, although it was difficult, I had to learn to embrace my role as a single mom.

Years went by and I finally accepted this is what God allowed to happen in my life. This season had a purpose. I needed to learn some lessons he was trying to teach before I could be blessed with a new mate. I had to learn that although I may be a “single mom” that I would always be a child of the King. You see, God doesn’t care about labels and statues, he cares about our heart. Over time and after many nights of crying and bargaining with God, I finally surrendered my will and ways and got on board with what God was trying to do in my life.

But, I still desired to be married again. Being a single female I felt uncovered by the “spiritual” protection from a God- fearing man. I knew the design God intended for the family to look like, and I wanted that back.

In time and after much prayer, God in his lovingness introduced me to a wonderful man. Although neither one of us is perfect, we accept our differences and choose to love regardless. I can honestly say he is my soul mate. One day we will become one and my title will change again. Finally, I will be able to check “married” when filling out forms as my heart desired. But what I love the most is that my status with God has never changed. He has loved me through each change, storm, hill and valley.

The greatest status I can ever claim is being a child of God. And because I am his child, he will never leave not forsake me. So whatever your “martial” status is today, don’t get so caught up in titles. Focus on your relationship with Christ because that is the only one that will last through eternity.

Just my thoughts…Adrian

Happy Single Parent Day!!


(Me and my two on our Valentines date)

Today we are to honor all the single parents who are holding it down for their family. I, personally am a single parent so I am apprecitive of the one day acknowledgement of my role in my family by the country.

For me, being a single parent has been quite an experience. I will admit, not all times have been bad. I consider myself very blessed, because although I am a working single mother I am able to spend lots of quality time with my children. I know for many, this isn’t the case and many parents have to work multiple jobs to provide for their family. So to them, I salute you. Your hard work and dedication to your family, although not recognized daily is appreciated.

I understand as a single mother, my children learn the bulk of their values from me. Everyday, they are watching how I handle situations and how I respond to exciting events, as well as, stressful ones. My babies are but mere sponges, so I take my responses seriously. Can’t say that I always get it right, but when I do fall short, I will admit that I made a mistake and keep pushing foward. Mistakes are apart of life and I want them to not beat themselves up if and when they fall short.

Being a parent is the most gratifying, yet most serious role I’ve ever taking on. Everyday when I look into their eyes or snuggle with them at night, I am reminded about my purpose. God created me to show his love to others. I appreciate God choosing me to be their mom and allowing me to show his love to them through my words and actions.

I salute all of you single parents who are doing it alone. Realize God has not forsaken you. He is with you every step on the way. Be encourage now and forever. Your status is not by chance. You were chosen for a role not meant for the weak. Even when it’s hard, I believe you can do it. Keep your head up and stay in the presence of God! He will guide your every step.

Just my thoughts…Adrian

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