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I will admit I am one of those people who have a bucket list in which I’m trying to check off cool things to see and do before God calls me home. But what I experienced on last week was definitely NOT on my bucket list of things I wanted do or go through. Last week I experienced my very first hurricane.

During these nine years my family has lived in the great state of Texas, I’ve heard stories of how different hurricanes affected the area and the people. And to be honest, I’ve never thought too much about it. The people here seemed cool and calm, so why should I be worried?

As the days approached before the hurricane hit, I honestly didn’t really know what was going on. While I was simply shopping for shin guards and soccer socks, it was my husband that encouraged me to buy water and other stuff while I was at our local Walmart. And although I saw pandemonium within the store of people hurrying to purchase items, I still didn’t think too much of the situation.

“Are you staying or leaving?” One person asked me. I have friends in Dallas that said we could stay at their place, but then I thought about if something major did happen it would probably be drama trying to get back home from a area most people fled to. Thus, we stayed.

After work on that Friday, I swung by Toy’s R Us to buy my children a few games to play with so they wouldn’t concentrate too much on what actually could happen. As I walked to my car I noticed the wind picked up some and it was sprinkling, but still till this point I had a nonchalant attitude about this entire hurricane situation. “What’s some rain?” I thought to myself…

But then later that night, the rain began to fall harder and harder. Never letting up. Tornado sirens were going off and the wind had picked up. It was getting serious. My nerves began to get the best of me. I couldn’t rest. My eyes were glued to the television as I watched the weather reporter say we could walk faster than how fast the storm was moving through the area. I begin to become afraid as I constantly looked out the window for any possible flooding.

It just kept raining.

The Bible says, “Don’t be anxious for nothing.” But, I will admit I was anxious. I prayed and I prayed, but nothing happened. The rain kept coming down and the wind blew harder. Was God not listening to my constant plea? Why was all of this happening? When would it end?

For days it rained. Many people had to be rescued by boats due to the flooding. Many people lost their homes and businesses. Some people lost their lives. Yet, my street never flooded. All the water simply went down into sewer like it was suppose to do.

When the storm finally passed, I watched in sympathy at how so many people lost everything. So many people were now living in shelters with no clue as to when they can even return to their flooded homes. In some areas the flood waters still haven’t receded. Mortgage companies aren’t forgiving a few missed payments, they still want you to pay. How can you make a payment when you’ve lost your car and can’t work because your job has also experienced flooding? It’s all a vicious cycle.

Yet, my home is dry with no damage and I’m still able to go to work.

As I lay in my bed at night, guilt creeps in. You see everyday since the storm I’m able to walk comfortably through my house, take a nice warm shower or even reach in my own refrigerator if I’m hungry or want a drink. So many people can’t do that and it makes me sad. My heart goes out to all those who were displaced due to storm. I can’t keep crying because crying won’t help. Only action and prayer will get these people back on track.

So I will continue to pray…

I will pray for all of those who need peace of mind. Losing everything can mess you up psychologically. Losing everything can mess you up emotionally. I can’t do much, but I can pray and give from the resources that I have. It may not be much, but a little from a lot of people equals much.

This was my first hurricane and I pray it’s my last.

Although many places have experienced flooding, God is still God and we are his earthly vessels put in place to take care of each other. I am so happy to see how regardless of race or religion, people are helping each other and that makes God smile.

Out of the flood came destruction, but love and unity is outweighing and winning.


I believe many people who are trying to do better and be better have expienced the longing for someone to believe in what they are doing, their dreams and goals, and help in some way or another. Honestly, all we want is a quick “hook up.” Unfortunately, many people don’t want to work hard anymore, but rather they simply want a hand out; a microwave success story. 

Realize God is still in the business of blessing people, so why is your main concern regarding “meeting that right person” in your field, at your company, at your church or in your neighborhood? Whatever God has planned for you will happen when it’s suppose to happen. You will meet the people you need to meet at the right time. God has already orchestrated divine connections for your life,so why are you stressing? 

Faith without works is dead, so simply do your part and God will take care of the rest. You don’t need a human co signer to your vision, all you need is the support of God. He created the world out of nothing, so surely he can get you to where you need to be in life. But your job is to simply trust him and NOT lean to your own understanding. Quit trying to do things your way and seek God for guildence. 

So often people get so wrapped up in the future that they neglect their right now. Even if your right now isn’t everything you would like for it to be, show appreciation to the Creator, because it could be a whole lot worse.

True, your job may suck at times. But you do have one. So, while you are applying for others, do that job to the best of your abilities and with a smile.

True, you may want a different house or car, but appreciate the one you currently have and honor God with it.

Learn to live in and embrace your right now. Allow tomorrow to worry about itself. There are blessings in your right now if only you would embrace the moment and simply say thank you for where you are, because you certainly aren’t where you use to be.

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As a single mom, I find myself always on the go, constantly trying to fit more in a 24 hour day than is allowed. My days start early and they are long. Most days are routine; wake up my boys and get them ready for school. Eat breakfast, wash your face, brush your teeth and make sure you have everything you need in your backpacks because we need to be out of the house before the school bus passes our street. (Who wants to be stuck behind a school bus when you’re already rushing???)

Next, drop them off at childcare, then a quick devotional in my car before heading to work. Barely awake myself, I fight through my desire to yawn in my patients faces, I proceed to clean teeth. I am finally fully awake around 10am after different mini conversations with patients. Finally conherent I am able to finish my day. That is until after lunch, when of course I’ve eaten a hearty meal, I want to go back to sleep.

As the day progresses I am constantly thinking about all I need to do, what I need to buy from Wal-Mart. What will I cook for dinner? Did I pay all the bills that are due? Do I have enough gas in my car? Is there a meeting I need to attend at their school? Don’t forget to pay for childcare or be charged an additional fee. Do they have their soccer equipment in the car? Do I have the sunscreen, water bottles and bug spray? Before I’m off at 5pm, I am already mentally drained.

Then it’s on to pick up my boys from childcare. Within the 10 mins it takes for us to get home, I usually have heard my name (Mom) said over 100 times.

“Empty out your backpacks and lunch bags,” I have to say this everyday. As they do any homework assigned, I hustle around the kitchen to put a meal together. My phone is ringing, but I can’t answer it right now. I hear the chime from my phone due to a new e-mail in which has come through. But, I gotta get these boys fed because they are my priority. Wash the dishes, boys have showered, good night prayers, then kisses goodnight. I collapse on my bed and try to clear my mind. Tomorrow is another busy day.

But although my life at times is hectic as a single working mom, I am blessed to have off days and times in which I can rest. God has given me these times to recharge and refocus. During these times I get to talk to him without the concern of hurrying to get something done. I am grateful for these times in which I can focus on being a better person and mom. I am grateful for my rest times.

I encourage everyone to take some time to rest. Your body, mind and spirit will be grateful you did. Yes, life can be very busy at times. But, unless you take the time to get you right, nothing else will matter. In order to live the best life you can live, you gotta take time and rest.

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Often times we want things to happen quick, fast and in a hurry! When we use our microwaves, we still stand there staring in anticipation as the numbers count down to zero. While we’re on the internet we become irritated when something takes too long to download. Even, we’re in the drive thru at our local “fast food” restaurant, we get annoyed when it takes too long to get our food.

Why are we so rushed?

Why can’t we simply enjoy the process?

I know for me, I am a work in process regarding this matter. I’m not as bad as I use to be, but I could be better. Over the past few years, I have learned to enjoy each day instead of rushing life. Each moment is precious. I find this very true as I see my boys grow up before my eyes.

Often times, people want to enjoy the ending of something without understanding there is a process.

I am currently in the process of building a home. For weeks I have seen this process take place. From the beginning, there was only dirt, but now I have cabinets and tile floors. But, none of this happened over night. And although I am excited about finally living in our new home, there is still work to be done before we can move in. This, I must be patient and enjoy the process.

I want to encourage you today, to not rush life. Enjoy today because tomorrow is not promised. Dance like you’ve never danced, laugh like you’ve never laughed and simply enjoy the moment.

Yes, there may be times of frustration like being stuck in traffic. But, instead of getting upset, pop in your favorite CD and groove to the beats. Who cares who is watching you. You’re enjoying the moment. You’re enjoying the process!

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