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Recently me and my husband went on a week long vacation. This vacation was quite interesting because it involved us driving in a car for hours at a time. Yep, just him and me; newlyweds alone in a car. I can’t remember who came up with this bright idea, but it was probably me because I’m the one who likes to step outside of the box and do wild adventurous things.

So early Saturday we headed out at 4am towards South Carolina to visit Myrtle Beach. The ride was long, but it was actually fun just being with him. With each new state we entered I tried to take a picture of the welcome sign. But, by the time we reached S.C. a storm had brewed up and there was no possible way to stop for a picture. We actually couldn’t brarely see the road. We ended up pulling over twice for safety purposes.

Eventually we made it to S.C. and our first stop was Relentless Church where John Gray is the pastor. Although parking was not to be desired the service was AMAZING! I’m really considering moving there one day so I can be a part of that church community.

After service we headed to the beach. It rained on and off, but overall the weather was good enough for us to experience the beach. We had the best time. We ate some good food, laughed often, felt the ocean, saw a pirate dinner show and I was even able to conquer my fear of riding in a helicopter. Yes, we totally we’re living our best lives while making memories.

Next we were off to Destin Beach. We left early again, hitting the road excited to see a different type of beach. The water at Destin was clearer and bluer. The sand was whiter. We stayed in a condo off of the beach, so our view everyday was postcard ready.

This vacation was amazing and it showed me that it’s okay to get away at times and experience some new things. Do some things you’ve never done. To actually live life. I appreciate the memories and all the things I was able to cross off my bucket list.

The time we were able to spend together as a couple was magical. I really believe it strengthen our fairly new marriage even more. All we had was each other to depend on out there on the road. If you’ve never taken a road trip I would suggest you do it. The scenery is amazing and it clears your head.

Learning to live your best life is not trying to mirror the life you see others living. Smile more. Laugh more. Show gratitude more. Just do you each and every day. So at the end of the day you can say…I’m happy!


One of my gifts is that of an encourager. I am very grateful for this gift because it enables me to speak into the lives of others and give them a word of hope. My gift is so sensitive that I can even sense stuff going on with people even if I’m not around them on a regular basis. What I mean by that is, God will place a certain person in my heart and I will contact them out of the blue and give them a word of encouragement. Everytime, I do this the person is going through a storm and my words lifted their spirits/emotions. 

I don’t take my gift for granted. 

I believe we all have a gift and we should carry out our gifts to their full potentials. 

But to be honest, at times encouraging others on a daily basis is draining and sometimes I simply want someone to reach out and encourage me. It’s shocking how so many people are engulfed in their own problems that they don’t take time to check on their own friends. It’s hurts often, but I try to pray and get past it. 

My phone rings very few times with someone who just wants to say hi or to simply check on how I’m doing. 

So many times when i’m feeling alone, I turn to God for strength. I know I can always talk to him about anything and at any time. When I need encouragement, he sends me to his word. I feel much better after I good conversation with my Heavenly Father. 

Another thing I do is become my own cheerleader. Since no one else really knows my struggles or successes, I celebrate myself. I give myself a high five. Others may not text or call me, but I can be there for myself! 

So I want to encourage you, if you ever feel as no one cares about you. Realize that God really cares and he will be there for you when no one else is. God will encourage and celebrate you, but you have to be able to celebrate yourself too. Stop depending on others for what you can give yourself. 

I’m learning to celebrate and encourage myself by doing things for myself. Even if it’s simple things like buying myself an ice cream cone or a snicker candy bar. I love myself. I love my gift of encouragement. And I will never stop loving people or myself. 


In six more days, I will have awesome the opportunity to speak to others regarding their purpose here on earth. I believe we were all created for a purpose and on purpose. The only thing is, many people have not discovered what their purpose is and they are simply living daily with no direction.

Then there are those who have discovered their purpose, but are too afraid to go forward with their passion. Many people are too afraid to jump due to fear of failure. Truth is we are all going to fail at some point, but that doesn’t constitute you a failure.

I plan to encourage those who attend to be risk takers and realize that we only have one life to live. Thus, we should live it to the fullest. We all have gifts and talents to share with this world, thus going to the grave full of regrets and unused gifts is not an option.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be used by God to encouraged others.


“This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24

Stop putting off your happiness for another day. Tomorrow is not promised, thus enjoy the blessings of today. Unfortunately, no one is exempt from problems, but realize God made you more than a conquerour, so be encouraged you will get through this tough season.

Your happiness shouldn’t rest in if things are always going your way or if they are running smoothly. Your happiness should come from within you, within your heart and within your mind first. If ever you are having a rough day, think yourself happy. Laugh just because. Who needs a reason?? Once you make focusing on being happy and laughing on purpose, you will soon discover you will begin to become a happy person.

Rejoice in knowing that God thought enough of you to allow you to see this new day. If you are reading this, your purpose has not yet been fulfilled and God is still working through you.

So even if yesterday was hard, God still did not leave nor forsake you. Rejoice in today and focus on tomorrow. I believe in you…

Just my thoughts…Adrian


I remember when me and my ex husband divorced, my “status” changed in many ways. On forms, I now had to check divorced, as opposed to married. I also had to come to grips with another toe curling stereotype title, single mom.

I hated that title more than anything. At the time of my separation and divorce I attended a very large church. Every Sunday I would see different couples file in with their children and there I was, all alone in a seat with no one beside me who was my partner. The groups I now had to join were either for women in general, or for single parents. When people found out I didn’t have a husband, although they were kind and meant no harm, to me they would always have this pity look on their face. Internally, this took a toil on me. I didn’t want to be different, but to some degree I was. So eventually, although it was difficult, I had to learn to embrace my role as a single mom.

Years went by and I finally accepted this is what God allowed to happen in my life. This season had a purpose. I needed to learn some lessons he was trying to teach before I could be blessed with a new mate. I had to learn that although I may be a “single mom” that I would always be a child of the King. You see, God doesn’t care about labels and statues, he cares about our heart. Over time and after many nights of crying and bargaining with God, I finally surrendered my will and ways and got on board with what God was trying to do in my life.

But, I still desired to be married again. Being a single female I felt uncovered by the “spiritual” protection from a God- fearing man. I knew the design God intended for the family to look like, and I wanted that back.

In time and after much prayer, God in his lovingness introduced me to a wonderful man. Although neither one of us is perfect, we accept our differences and choose to love regardless. I can honestly say he is my soul mate. One day we will become one and my title will change again. Finally, I will be able to check “married” when filling out forms as my heart desired. But what I love the most is that my status with God has never changed. He has loved me through each change, storm, hill and valley.

The greatest status I can ever claim is being a child of God. And because I am his child, he will never leave not forsake me. So whatever your “martial” status is today, don’t get so caught up in titles. Focus on your relationship with Christ because that is the only one that will last through eternity.

Just my thoughts…Adrian


Yesterday was a very big day for me. For the longest God had been dealing with me regarding encouraging others by speaking into their lives, on a different platform than just everday conversation and social media. I love people and talking, so for God to use me the way he did was really awesome.

Everyday I try to encourage others and stay positive. In my room at my job, I have a sign that reads, Happiness is a choice! I truly believe those words and I try to stay concious of being happy regardless of what’s going on around me.

When God first revealed to me that he wanted me to hold an event I began to have many questions: Where, when, how, what should I speak about?? After calming my spirit and my mind he gave me the answers I was searching for.

The title came to me as clear as me writing this blog post. God said call it, Made for More. I really liked that title because I do believe God created us for so much more than just living, going to work, chauffeuring children to different activities, doing this everyday, then dying. I refuse to have that cycle be my story. God created me on purpose, for a purpose.

Next, I questioned where to hold the event. Should I rent a facility? I was so confused, but God with his infinite wisdom led me to simply have it in my home. I’m paying a mortgage, so why not use it?!?!

For weeks I pondered over what to say to those with whom I invited. In time, God told me exactly what to say and how to say it.

Finally the day arrived and as I prepared refreshments for my guest and clean the house, the spirit of God overtook me. I thanked him for the opportunity to speak to his children and for his blessings to overtake my guests as they received wisdom spoken through me from him.

The event lasted almost two hours and I can honestly say, I enjoyed every minute of it. I realize everyone is at a different place in their lives, so I prayed that one nugget of wisdom could propel someone into realizing their purpose.

Everyone had an opportunity to win a door prize and the refreshments were super yummy.


So as I reflect on yesterday, I am extremely grateful to God for the opportunity to share what he had placed in my heart. I thank God for the ladies that attended because I know everyone is super busy. So for them to stop by and share their time with me was truly a blessing.

My next event will be held in June, so I will be in prayer regarding what I should say and present. I love being used by God. I am grateful for what he is doing in my life and in the lives on my friends.

You too were Made of More. Your life has purpose, but its up to you to find out what your purpose and gifts are. And when you do, just make sure you use them to glorify God.

Be encouraged!

Just my thoughts…Adrian

In this life, it is guaranteed that we are going to have some good days and some bad days. Some days we are going to be full of life, while others days we are just gonna want to stay in the bed. Feeling this way is not uncommon and it shouldn’t make you feel less than anyone else. But, what should you do when you’re in the season of, woe is me or God show me that you haven’t forsaken me?

I want to encourage you today to find a unused notebook. This notebook will serve as your gratitude journal. Begin daily writing down the good things/blessings that have happened in your life.

Remember that time God saved you from that horrible car accident? Write it down. Or that time when many around you were getting laid off, but your job/position went untounched. Write it down. Or what about that time when you didn’t know where your next meal was coming from, but someone blessed with unexpectedly with a yummy meal.

Writing blessings like these down helps you to remember the blessings of God during the times when you feel he is silent. Trust me, if he did it before, he surely can do it again!

So take time today remembering and writing down the blessings of God. Write down how you had to extend your faith. Highlight how he brought you through a storm. God does not show favoritism, so be patient and continue to trust in him. Before you know it you will need a new notebook.

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