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Recently a family member of someone I know was placed in the ICU department of a certain hospital. Later when that person posted a update on Facebook to inform people of the status of their family member, they said they were loving on her as much as possible as she waited on Jesus. 

Her statment caused me to ponder. Isn’t that something we all are doing unconsciously? True, many of us are as healthy as a horse, but we all know this fact…at some point we will all die and meet Jesus. 

The factual and inevitible is that we are all on borrowed time. The day we took our first breath, an end date was given to us. No one knows this end date or how the end date will transpire, that is why it is very important to live the best and happiest life you can. 

My encouragement to you is as you are waiting on Jesus that you maximize on time by making the most of your time. God did not create you just for you to go to work everyday, then die. Your life has more purpose than that. If you are not living to your full potential you can’t blame anyone but yourself. 

We will never know when it will be our time to meet the Almighty, so make sure your time here on earth has meaning. What will be your legacy? What will people say about your character? What did you do for others or did you consume yourself with only helping yourself? As you wait for Jesus, be busy in the process. Never be idle. Never simply do nothing. Stop making excuses.

The time we have here is very limted, so use it wisely. The people you meet have a purpose. The choices you met have outcomes. Pray with ceasing. Ask God daily to direct your path. Forgive quickly. When it’s finally your time to meet Jesus, make sure that meeting is full,of joy and happiness. Make sure when you close your eyes on this side that you hear those words from God on the other side, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” 


One of my gifts is that of an encourager. I am very grateful for this gift because it enables me to speak into the lives of others and give them a word of hope. My gift is so sensitive that I can even sense stuff going on with people even if I’m not around them on a regular basis. What I mean by that is, God will place a certain person in my heart and I will contact them out of the blue and give them a word of encouragement. Everytime, I do this the person is going through a storm and my words lifted their spirits/emotions. 

I don’t take my gift for granted. 

I believe we all have a gift and we should carry out our gifts to their full potentials. 

But to be honest, at times encouraging others on a daily basis is draining and sometimes I simply want someone to reach out and encourage me. It’s shocking how so many people are engulfed in their own problems that they don’t take time to check on their own friends. It’s hurts often, but I try to pray and get past it. 

My phone rings very few times with someone who just wants to say hi or to simply check on how I’m doing. 

So many times when i’m feeling alone, I turn to God for strength. I know I can always talk to him about anything and at any time. When I need encouragement, he sends me to his word. I feel much better after I good conversation with my Heavenly Father. 

Another thing I do is become my own cheerleader. Since no one else really knows my struggles or successes, I celebrate myself. I give myself a high five. Others may not text or call me, but I can be there for myself! 

So I want to encourage you, if you ever feel as no one cares about you. Realize that God really cares and he will be there for you when no one else is. God will encourage and celebrate you, but you have to be able to celebrate yourself too. Stop depending on others for what you can give yourself. 

I’m learning to celebrate and encourage myself by doing things for myself. Even if it’s simple things like buying myself an ice cream cone or a snicker candy bar. I love myself. I love my gift of encouragement. And I will never stop loving people or myself. 

So often God wants to talk to us, but we can’t hear him over all the noises that surround us. One major noise maker is ourselves. So often we want to dominate the conversation with the things we want; our wish list that we forget to give God a chance to talk. 

A conversation requires both talking and listening. If one person is dominating the conversation then the other person feels overwhelmed with no way to escape. They would love to interject and add to the conversation, but there is never an opportunity. 

God is not bossy. He is not going to bully his way into a conversation. He has plenty to say that will encourage and give you direction, but if you don’t quiet yourself, he will never be able to share his wisdom. 

So I encourage you…the next time you are in a conversation with God give him a chance to talk. His words will guide you and give you peace. His words will uplift and give you answers. Yes, what you have to say is important, but what he has to say will catapult you into your destiny. 

Practice listening! 

At times being a black woman is hard. Maybe it’s hard for all women of every race at some point in life, but I can only speak from one perspective…my perspective. 
In my 38 years, I’ve been through a few storms. My storms may not compare to the many stories I read or hear about, but that does not belittle my struggles. Thank God for his daily strength because at times I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders. I feel as though I am the one who carries the concerns of the family and household in my heart and thoughts. It consumes me at times. I pray daily for wisdom and direction because I feel if I mess up, my whole family suffers. 

I work full-time. I am a full time wife and mother. I also have my own dreams and goals for my life. At times I feel like I’m being pulled in too many directions. Where do I find balance? Where do I find peace? 

I try to meditate and hear from the Lord. I know he hears my prayers and makes a way out of no way. I am very grateful for his grace and mercy. But, I will admit sometimes I cry. I cry to release my hurt and my pains. I cry to be cleansed and to say to God, I am nothing without you! 

I am a black woman who is married to a black man and who has black male children. Both of which are considered an “endangered” species. Everyday I pray for their safety and that they make good decisions. Although I know not everyone on the planet is not racist, racism still exsit. 

I will never understand how you can hate someone just because their skin is different from yours. 

So if you ever see me “out of sorts,” just say a quick prayer. And although I always make it out a champion, life can be hard at times. Don’t judge me by my storm. Nor, judge me if I don’t make the best decision. I’m simply a human trying to make it in a society that doesn’t want me to make it. 

But, I know I man named…Jesus! 

I believe many people who are trying to do better and be better have expienced the longing for someone to believe in what they are doing, their dreams and goals, and help in some way or another. Honestly, all we want is a quick “hook up.” Unfortunately, many people don’t want to work hard anymore, but rather they simply want a hand out; a microwave success story. 

Realize God is still in the business of blessing people, so why is your main concern regarding “meeting that right person” in your field, at your company, at your church or in your neighborhood? Whatever God has planned for you will happen when it’s suppose to happen. You will meet the people you need to meet at the right time. God has already orchestrated divine connections for your life,so why are you stressing? 

Faith without works is dead, so simply do your part and God will take care of the rest. You don’t need a human co signer to your vision, all you need is the support of God. He created the world out of nothing, so surely he can get you to where you need to be in life. But your job is to simply trust him and NOT lean to your own understanding. Quit trying to do things your way and seek God for guildence. 

Everyday God grants everyone the freedom of free-will. After the world and man was created he gave him dominion over the earth. Sadly, with free-will and dominion “man” has caused much destruction across the world and within himself. People may ask why won’t God step up and end the horrible things that are happening across the world. But the truth is, he is allowing us humans free reign and free-will. God does not take back what he has free given. Unfortunately, with this free reign we are slowly killing each other and destroying our planet while ignoring the creator in the process.  

“Lord, you see me suffering. Why won’t you help me pay my bills?” Honestly, yes God sees everything that you are going through, but let me ask you. Did any of your prior choices lead you to such despair? When you had the money to pay your bills, what did you choose to rather spend it on? Keeping it 100%, some stuff we cause on ourselves. I personally can tell my testimony about this.

God gave us all the power of choice. You choose what you were going to wear today, if you were going to brush your teeth or not, which route you were going to take to work, if you were going to eat breakfast or not.You choose who you were going to text or call today. What tweets or posts you were going to make. You choose you would be in your circle of friends, who you were going to marry, if you were going to forgive and even if you were going to hold a grudge. Life is about choices. Your today choices affect your tomorrow life. A simple equation many people don’t get.

In order to live your best life, you have to pray to make good choices. Yes, it’s invitible that we are all gonna make some “not so good choices”. But, when you do, learn from the experience and try to make better choices in the future. Be encouraged, God is willing to help you, but you have to allow him to do so.

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