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Everyone wants to feel as though people actually care about them. With the daily hustle of life, at times it’s hard to catch up with friends. For me, I’m newly married. Not by any means am I saying being married is a hinderance to my friendships, but I will say adding a husband to the mix makes life even busier. Yet, with my faithful planner and scheduled times for “friendship”dates with my girls, dividing my time between working full time, my children, my hubby and friends is doable. At times, tiring, but honestly I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Since Facebook came on the scene (along with other social media) people have become obsessed with “Likes” and “Follows.” Granted for some, being on social media has really taken their life to the next level. 

I’m still waiting for The Steve Harvey Show or Tyler Perry to contact me. But then again…I don’t have a million followers and not that many people are interested in my life to say the least. My “like” numbers are way below stardom level. 

But then again I consider my life pretty simply. Yes, I have some awesome gifts that I attempt to share with the world daily, my focus is on pleasing God. Recently, I stepped away from social media. (Well, just the ones that allow people to “Like” or “follow” you.) I simply wanted to live my life without posting my every move or my every thought out there for my “friend list” to see. I wanted to indulge in my real friendships without “friends” simply “liking” my staus. And for others just to see your business online and say they know you. When in reality all they know is your status.

FYI…People hide behind statues all the time! 

I can honestly say the time I removed myself from social media I was able to focus on more important things. I actually was able to get a lot done because I wasn’t consumed with scrolling though my timeline to see what people were doing. What I can honestly say is that those who actually care about you, check on you. Real friends call to set up lunch dates or call/text to check you.

Here are some things I’ve learned from NOT updating my status:

  1.  I am blessed to have great friends outside of social media. I have great friends that actually care about made and my family. 
  2. Facebook stalkers are REAL. They don’t really care about you, they just want to know your business. 
  3. When you don’t post about your relationship for some time, people assume you two aren’t doing good. So sad. 
  4. I can accomplish so much more by directing my focus towards things of importance. 
  5. Social media won’t become a mini God in my life. I gotta keep Christ first.
  6. Many people on social media ain’t talking about anything important.
  7. God can speak to me freely without having to compete with my addiction to social media. 
  8. Social media can become addictive. 

I want to encourage all those who are reading this to take a break from social media for a set amount of time. Trust me, you will still live. Life will go on. Focus on not putting anything before God. Learn to be still and listen to your inner self. Learn you are valuable and important outside of Social media. 



I remember when me and my ex husband divorced, my “status” changed in many ways. On forms, I now had to check divorced, as opposed to married. I also had to come to grips with another toe curling stereotype title, single mom.

I hated that title more than anything. At the time of my separation and divorce I attended a very large church. Every Sunday I would see different couples file in with their children and there I was, all alone in a seat with no one beside me who was my partner. The groups I now had to join were either for women in general, or for single parents. When people found out I didn’t have a husband, although they were kind and meant no harm, to me they would always have this pity look on their face. Internally, this took a toil on me. I didn’t want to be different, but to some degree I was. So eventually, although it was difficult, I had to learn to embrace my role as a single mom.

Years went by and I finally accepted this is what God allowed to happen in my life. This season had a purpose. I needed to learn some lessons he was trying to teach before I could be blessed with a new mate. I had to learn that although I may be a “single mom” that I would always be a child of the King. You see, God doesn’t care about labels and statues, he cares about our heart. Over time and after many nights of crying and bargaining with God, I finally surrendered my will and ways and got on board with what God was trying to do in my life.

But, I still desired to be married again. Being a single female I felt uncovered by the “spiritual” protection from a God- fearing man. I knew the design God intended for the family to look like, and I wanted that back.

In time and after much prayer, God in his lovingness introduced me to a wonderful man. Although neither one of us is perfect, we accept our differences and choose to love regardless. I can honestly say he is my soul mate. One day we will become one and my title will change again. Finally, I will be able to check “married” when filling out forms as my heart desired. But what I love the most is that my status with God has never changed. He has loved me through each change, storm, hill and valley.

The greatest status I can ever claim is being a child of God. And because I am his child, he will never leave not forsake me. So whatever your “martial” status is today, don’t get so caught up in titles. Focus on your relationship with Christ because that is the only one that will last through eternity.

Just my thoughts…Adrian

I believe we are the hands and feet of God. He created each of us with a purpose. He created each of is with the ability to love. Love is a choice, as well as, wanting to help others.

My passion is to help others in need. I personally can only do so much that is why I have asked for the help of others to aid me in blessing others.

If you believe that by blessing others, you too may also be blessed, please check out the link below.

I would love it if you took a moment to check out my GoFundMe campaign:

Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!

– Adrian Parker

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When God created you, he broke the mold. No one will ever come close to being who you are. You were created in the image of God and you were created on purpose with a purpose. Throughout life, we encounter many things, views, beliefs, heartbreaks, loves and etc. But, we can not ever let those things change who we are as a person. Ok, so you didn’t get the job you wanted, that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to be successful. Closed doors happen for a reason. I encourage you to keep applying and the right door will open. Ok, so the one you where in love with hurt your heart. That doesn’t mean that you’re not a lovable person. Maybe that person simply couldn’t appreciate what they had when they had it. Don’t allow that situation to make you become bitter and angry. You are awesome! You are wonderful! Yes, we all have things we can work on, but just be you. Take life one day at a time and don’t ever lose yourself in your situations or what others try to define you as.


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18:21

Words have power. The words you speak today will set the course for your future. I encourage you to be slow to speak, because whatever you put into the universe will return to you. Stop speaking lack, sickness, pain and saddness into your life. Begin to speak prosperity, health and abundant wisdom.

Even if the doctor says you are sick, speak words that are contrary to his report. Even if your bank account doesn’t have the amount in it that you would like, speak words that confess you are rich and that you will never be broke. Even if you are single and you have had your share of guys/girls who didn’t treat you like you should have been treated, confess that one right person is going to find you.

Don’t get discouraged when life throws you a curve ball. Rather, look at it as a lesson and confess that this too shall pass and that God will never leave not forsake you.

Whatever you want to change in your life, start by changing your words.

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As I opened my eyes this morning I saw the sun shining through my window…there must be something special about today.

As I began to move and stretch, I felt my muscles contracting and it felt good. There must be something special about today.

I’m alive and I’m feeling good. A lot of people didn’t get to see today. I am grateful. Yesterday may have been a little rough, but I made it through. New mercies God has granted me on this new day.

Today is going to be special because God allowed me to see it. Today has meaning. My life has purpose. I am still here because my assignment is not yet complete. I don’t take this day for granted. I am blessed. Now it’s time to get to working on my purpose.

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