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A healthy child!

Posted on: September 25, 2016

I love to watch my boys play soccer in the Fall. With every practice and game all the children run up and down the field eagerly wanting to score a goal for their team. Every time I see their excitment, I can’t help but turn my attention towards the blessings of God. 

Each child on the field is blessed because none of them are sick in a hospital somewhere. There are no cords hooked to them as they run freely across the grass with faces of competition. All of these boys are healthy. All of these boys are strong. All of these boys are happy. 

As a parent of healthy children, I am constantly voicing my gratitude to God for the divine health me and family experience daily. My heart aches when I hear about a family that has lost a child for any reason. 

As I watch this soccer game, I am grateful. I watch from the sidelines of a field, not from a bedside. I pray for the strength of those families who are with children who can’t do regular kid activities like running or jumping. I pray for them all. I don’t take this blessing for granted. 

Please don’t ever take your blessings for granted either. 


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