Yes, you can live your best life!

Get it! 

Posted on: September 11, 2016

For many women, especially single moms we wonder about a lot. With working full-time, some going to school to better their chances in the employment arena and raising children, many are just simply tired. 

But for outsiders, they don’t know the struggle. Women in general carry a large weigh on their shoulders. Everyday they are faced with obstacles and they have to find a way to navigate through it. 

Yes, hard work pays off. But in the midst of the hard work comes a lot of tears. Friends and family don’t see these tears because often they are left on our soaked pillow cases. Our prayers are many and our faith is strong. 

But we are tired. 

We get it done often times with no encouragement and support. We get it done daily by the inner strength God grants us. We get it done late, only to start early the next day to start all over again. 

Women are strong. Women are amazing. More people need to admire the woman and appreciate her. When she is tired, don’t judge her. Rather let her rest. Women get things done and although some days are harder than others. I would still choose being a woman any day!

I salute you!


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