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Posted on: July 29, 2016

At times being a black woman is hard. Maybe it’s hard for all women of every race at some point in life, but I can only speak from one perspective…my perspective. 
In my 38 years, I’ve been through a few storms. My storms may not compare to the many stories I read or hear about, but that does not belittle my struggles. Thank God for his daily strength because at times I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders. I feel as though I am the one who carries the concerns of the family and household in my heart and thoughts. It consumes me at times. I pray daily for wisdom and direction because I feel if I mess up, my whole family suffers. 

I work full-time. I am a full time wife and mother. I also have my own dreams and goals for my life. At times I feel like I’m being pulled in too many directions. Where do I find balance? Where do I find peace? 

I try to meditate and hear from the Lord. I know he hears my prayers and makes a way out of no way. I am very grateful for his grace and mercy. But, I will admit sometimes I cry. I cry to release my hurt and my pains. I cry to be cleansed and to say to God, I am nothing without you! 

I am a black woman who is married to a black man and who has black male children. Both of which are considered an “endangered” species. Everyday I pray for their safety and that they make good decisions. Although I know not everyone on the planet is not racist, racism still exsit. 

I will never understand how you can hate someone just because their skin is different from yours. 

So if you ever see me “out of sorts,” just say a quick prayer. And although I always make it out a champion, life can be hard at times. Don’t judge me by my storm. Nor, judge me if I don’t make the best decision. I’m simply a human trying to make it in a society that doesn’t want me to make it. 

But, I know I man named…Jesus! 


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