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Posted on: July 27, 2016

Who are you? Who am I? Why have we allowed society to label us? I am a spirit clothed in skin. Skin in which may be darker than some, yet it still encloses my being. Yes, my hair may be kinky and my teeth are pearly white, but still that is not who I am. Throughout life I am forced to check a box so another can determine who I am and how they will treat me. From that moment,the very moment I was born…I was labelled. 

Depending on which box I mark in life will at times depend on if I get the job or not. By marking a box, I am allowing the world to label me. So not what God intended. 

All I ask is that you look past my skin and see my heart. See that I love people and I want peace in earth. Don’t set a prejudgement by my skin and assume I will never make it. I am a human just like you. My blood is also red, so don’t label me differently than you. 

Even if I speak differently than you, I still have a voice that should be heard. I may at times switch up my verbs and adjectives in my sentences, but that doesn’t mean I’m not educated. My dialect at times is a reflection of my pain and struggles.

When will the world stop with all the labels? No one wins. Whether you’re too tall, too fat, too dark or too pale, someone always has something negative to say. All I ask is that you get to know me for me. Learn the person that I am. And aftetwhich, if you’ve decided that I am not your cup of tea, at least you tried to know me. You then have the right to not like me. But only me. Not an entire race.

I get everyone may not not like everyone, but the word of God clearly tells us to love one another. Love despite color of skin. Love despite hair texture. Love despite gender or sexuality. You don’t have to agree, but you are still suppose to love. 

Labels cause division. No one is ever born claiming to be a certain race. We are taught that. No one is born claiming they are poor, until someone says to them that they are. No one is better than another. We were all born naked and it is guaranteed that we all are gonna die one day. Die without taking a single thing we’ve accumulated from this Earth with us. We are all gonna die one day and the only label the grave will have is dead!

Stop labelling and love one another. 


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