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My new reality

Posted on: May 8, 2016


Here are three reasons my heart beats. For many single women with children, we long and pray for a guy who will love our children the way we love them. We pray that the blending portion of the relationship goes smoothly and that everyone gets along. We pray that there would be teamwork and cohesion. I’m blessed to say I have this.

But, before I met my husband, I heard of many horror stories regarding blended families. The children don’t like the new parent and fight for their moms attention. Or, the “new” dad comes in like a bully and tries to control the children. I will admit these stories had me nervous and afraid.

Although my children’s father is in their life, I am their everyday parent. For almost five years, it was just us three in our house. Our house has always been full of peace and harmony, thus I didn’t want it to change.

But in faith I stepped out and met Keith and he has been the perfect piece to our family. The boys respect him and he is there for them. Harmony remains in our family and I am grateful to God for this. I prayed for a good man with a good heart. I finally have him and the boys have an additional father figure who loves them as his own.

This is just one picture of the guys in my life bonding. I really think video games bring males together regardless of age or race. I’m just grateful for little moments like this. My life with my three guys is my new reality.


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