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Thank you for saying No!

Posted on: May 6, 2016


So often we pray to God for we think we want or need. We assume because we’ve been extra good that he has no other choice but to grant our prayer request/plea. But, what happens during those times when God is either silent or his answer is flat out, NO? Well, if you’re like me, you’ve been there and it’s not fun. So often I wanted to yell, “Um, I’m still waiting Sir. Can’t you hear me? What are you waiting for?” I would even cry and pout, but none of that moved God. God is who he is and he knows best, thus sometimes he holds back so we; his children are safe, proctected and not overcome by what we’ve just “earnestly” prayed for.

For instance, I remember wanting to be with this certain guy. Oh, how I loved this guy. I thought he was all of that and a bag of chips. My heart’s desire was only to be with him and him only. But, God thought differently. It seemed the more I tried to love him, the farther his heart was to me. The more I prayed for us to be together, the more farther away we became.

As time progressed, I became weary in trying to get him to love me. I was even tired of praying. He didn’t want to love me and God didn’t want to hear me whine about it. Thus, I gave up on trying.

Time passed and God showed me why his answer was, NO. By me being quiet and allowing him to lead and guide my life, I eventually found out the why. The why was because he wanted to introduce me to the one he wanted me to meet. It would be with this guy that his purpose would be fulfilled. It would be with this guy that the love I so desired would be expressed to me.

This one example was of love, but there are many more we all can relate to. Rather it’s a job, a house, a car, healing or etc, God has a plan and we must trust his plan and his timing. If God seems to be silent, trust him. If his answer is no, trust him. His timing and ways of thinking are not the same as ours.

Be encouraged, God is not trying to be mean, but rather only provide you with the best.


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