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Seeing Beyond Your Vision

Posted on: April 18, 2016


“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Everyone has a purpose, a reason for their existence. Everyone also has been giving a gift in which God embeded in your being when you were given life. Some people have one, while others may have many others. But, regardless of the number of gifts given, my question to you is…what are you doing with what you’ve been given?

God gets excited when we praise him, but I believe he also gets excited when we use our gifts to his glory as we help and encourage others around us. It’s unfortunate when someone has wasted many precious years of their life not knowing their purpose or what their gift is. Our time here on this earth is very limited, thus one goal I encourage everyone to do is find out is why you are here.

Finding this out takes some alone time. Finding this out means not logging into social media or your emails, but actually sitting by yourself while talking to your Creator. He has all the anwsers, so quiet yourself and listen to his voice. He will answer your questions and give you direction.

Next, once you’ve figured out your purpose, dreams and goals you must only focus on YOUR purpose, dreams and goals. I say this because it is very easy to look left or right and see the suceess of someone else and get discouraged. Their race is not yours, so stay focused.

Trusting God in the midst of living out your dreams and goals is a must. It’s so easy to fill like a failure when things aren’t lining up the way you would want them to. It’s easy to want to give up when you need a certain amount of cash, only to look at the balance in your bank and you don’t have the needed funds.

It’s during these times God wants you to stop looking at your situation. Stop looking at your “right now,” but rather see things how he sees them. Daily focus on seeing life the way God sees it. Practice living a faith lifestyle. Take life one day at a time, one prayer at a time. Above all, never give up.

Begin to see things no one else can see. See things the way God intended for you to see them. Stop looking at life like every other human. You are a child of God, thus you were created for greatness. I want to encourage you to work your gift the way only you can work it!

Believe in yourself. Change your vision, thus changing your life!


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