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From BOYS to MEN!

Posted on: March 26, 2016


Today we took this picture at an Easter Egg event. The picture is awesome, cute and fun. But, it also shows me how fast my babies are growing up right before my eyes. With time going by so fast, I try my best to cherish each moment with my babies who are turning into young men.

Sometimes it feels like just yesterday I gave birth to each child. My oldest was a preemie, weighing in at only three pounds, I had no idea what to even do with him. But, with the teachings of the NICU nurses, prayer and the good Lord above guiding me, all went well, and although quite small, he was healthy and full of spunk.

On the other hand, my second child was full term and came out hungry. Being that I was a second time mom, I just knew I had everything covered. But, he quickly showed me otherwise. All this child wanted to do was eat and not sleep. Coffee was by best friend, and sleep was nonexistent.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned how to manage having my two boys, especially when I became a single parent. We go everywhere together. Even going through security at the airport was a breeze when they were small. I had check-in down to a science.

I love the way they are growing up, learning new things and experiencing more. But, at the same time I get teary eyed because going to such things like an egg hunt will end soon. Yes, I understand everything has its season, but these are my babies and to me they will always be my babies.

As for now, we go to as many “kid” events as possible. When they grow older, I want them to look back on their childhood and remember it as being fun and that their mom spent quality time with them. They are only children for a short while, so I’m soaking up all their pureness while I still can.

So although this picture represents a fun time in our life, today is now only a memory which will be locked in my heart and mind forever. As my boys grow older, I will look back on these times, smile and look forward to making new memories as they appoach adulthood. I thank God for allowing me to be their mom. I know ultimately they belong to him, I’m just so grateful he has allowed me to keep a watchful eye out for them while they are here on earth.

I love them unconditionally and I cherish every time we get to hang out.

Just my thoughts…Adrian


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