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National Single Parent Day

Posted on: March 22, 2016

Happy Single Parent Day!!


(Me and my two on our Valentines date)

Today we are to honor all the single parents who are holding it down for their family. I, personally am a single parent so I am apprecitive of the one day acknowledgement of my role in my family by the country.

For me, being a single parent has been quite an experience. I will admit, not all times have been bad. I consider myself very blessed, because although I am a working single mother I am able to spend lots of quality time with my children. I know for many, this isn’t the case and many parents have to work multiple jobs to provide for their family. So to them, I salute you. Your hard work and dedication to your family, although not recognized daily is appreciated.

I understand as a single mother, my children learn the bulk of their values from me. Everyday, they are watching how I handle situations and how I respond to exciting events, as well as, stressful ones. My babies are but mere sponges, so I take my responses seriously. Can’t say that I always get it right, but when I do fall short, I will admit that I made a mistake and keep pushing foward. Mistakes are apart of life and I want them to not beat themselves up if and when they fall short.

Being a parent is the most gratifying, yet most serious role I’ve ever taking on. Everyday when I look into their eyes or snuggle with them at night, I am reminded about my purpose. God created me to show his love to others. I appreciate God choosing me to be their mom and allowing me to show his love to them through my words and actions.

I salute all of you single parents who are doing it alone. Realize God has not forsaken you. He is with you every step on the way. Be encourage now and forever. Your status is not by chance. You were chosen for a role not meant for the weak. Even when it’s hard, I believe you can do it. Keep your head up and stay in the presence of God! He will guide your every step.

Just my thoughts…Adrian


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