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Believing in yourself

Posted on: March 17, 2016

Often times when you step out on faith, there will be those who doubt your abilities and your purpose. But, you must remain faithful to what God has told you to do, and carry it out regardless of who stands with you in agreement. When you have a purpose and vision sometimes all you have to depend on is yourself and God.

Think it not strange when there is no support from those with whom you thought would be your “ride or die” friends. Unfortunately, everyone does not want to see you do better than them. Or succeed in general. They like you exactly where you are. But, my friend, God has so much more in store for you than to live a stagnant life.

When others turn their backs on you, don’t get discouraged. Follow your passions and encourage yourself. Look yourself in the mirror everyday and affirm to yourself that you are great and that you can achieve anything.

When no one has your back, believe in yourself. You know you were created for more, so don’t allow the opinions of others to hold you back. Simply allow the “hate” from the “haters” to propel you forward.

God has a purpose for your life. You were created on purpose. Stop caring about what others are or are not doing to support you. Stay in your lane. Focus on what God told you to do. Because when you do, your life will be blessed and successful.

Just my thoughts…Adrian


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