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A Balancing Act

Posted on: February 2, 2016

My days are full like most people. Not only am I a single mom who is raising two young boys, but I also work 8-5. So after work it’s on to my other full time job of being a mother. Most days are pretty routine. I pick them up, get home, prepare dinner as they do their homework and take their showers. After we eat dinner together as a family (no phones or devices allowed) finally it’s time to go to bed. But, in my world it’s not over because both my boys want me to lay with them for a few minutes as they drift off to sleep.

I’m okay with laying with them because I know there will come a time when this will end. But, I often fall asleep in one of their beds forfiting any mommy stuff I need to do, like washing the dishes or getting our clothes ready for the next day.

The employee and mommy parts I have accepted and I love both. But, I also have other passions in which I would like to give attention to as well. But, I need more time. This is where I am still learning how to balance my life.

When I am at work, I have great thoughts about how I am going to stay up a little later to work on my blogs, my books and my inspirational videos, but it never fails…I fall asleep. Often I feel like a hamster in a wheel that is going nowhere.

One good thing about my life is that on some weekends my boys go to spend time with their dad. I really try to monopolize on this time to focus on my passions and purpose.

I am a mom and a dental hygienist by profession, but I know God has placed so much more in me. I love to help and serve others either in words or actions. I love people and I want people to live their best life.

Each day is a balancing act, but I am grateful God gives me the strength to do what I do. In his perfect timing all things will get done. I must simply take one day at a time.

Just my thoughts…Adrian


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