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Posted on: August 29, 2015

As a single mom, I find myself always on the go, constantly trying to fit more in a 24 hour day than is allowed. My days start early and they are long. Most days are routine; wake up my boys and get them ready for school. Eat breakfast, wash your face, brush your teeth and make sure you have everything you need in your backpacks because we need to be out of the house before the school bus passes our street. (Who wants to be stuck behind a school bus when you’re already rushing???)

Next, drop them off at childcare, then a quick devotional in my car before heading to work. Barely awake myself, I fight through my desire to yawn in my patients faces, I proceed to clean teeth. I am finally fully awake around 10am after different mini conversations with patients. Finally conherent I am able to finish my day. That is until after lunch, when of course I’ve eaten a hearty meal, I want to go back to sleep.

As the day progresses I am constantly thinking about all I need to do, what I need to buy from Wal-Mart. What will I cook for dinner? Did I pay all the bills that are due? Do I have enough gas in my car? Is there a meeting I need to attend at their school? Don’t forget to pay for childcare or be charged an additional fee. Do they have their soccer equipment in the car? Do I have the sunscreen, water bottles and bug spray? Before I’m off at 5pm, I am already mentally drained.

Then it’s on to pick up my boys from childcare. Within the 10 mins it takes for us to get home, I usually have heard my name (Mom) said over 100 times.

“Empty out your backpacks and lunch bags,” I have to say this everyday. As they do any homework assigned, I hustle around the kitchen to put a meal together. My phone is ringing, but I can’t answer it right now. I hear the chime from my phone due to a new e-mail in which has come through. But, I gotta get these boys fed because they are my priority. Wash the dishes, boys have showered, good night prayers, then kisses goodnight. I collapse on my bed and try to clear my mind. Tomorrow is another busy day.

But although my life at times is hectic as a single working mom, I am blessed to have off days and times in which I can rest. God has given me these times to recharge and refocus. During these times I get to talk to him without the concern of hurrying to get something done. I am grateful for these times in which I can focus on being a better person and mom. I am grateful for my rest times.

I encourage everyone to take some time to rest. Your body, mind and spirit will be grateful you did. Yes, life can be very busy at times. But, unless you take the time to get you right, nothing else will matter. In order to live the best life you can live, you gotta take time and rest.

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2 Responses to "Rest"

As a single mom, I often feel by the time I get to work, I’ve already put in a full day of work. After work, when most people get to relax, I have another shift to start.

Amen. But, I try to put my boys in the bed by 8pm, so that they can get ample rest and I can finally unwind. Soaking in my tub is about to be my favorite past time.

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