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The Process

Posted on: May 18, 2015

Often times we want things to happen quick, fast and in a hurry! When we use our microwaves, we still stand there staring in anticipation as the numbers count down to zero. While we’re on the internet we become irritated when something takes too long to download. Even, we’re in the drive thru at our local “fast food” restaurant, we get annoyed when it takes too long to get our food.

Why are we so rushed?

Why can’t we simply enjoy the process?

I know for me, I am a work in process regarding this matter. I’m not as bad as I use to be, but I could be better. Over the past few years, I have learned to enjoy each day instead of rushing life. Each moment is precious. I find this very true as I see my boys grow up before my eyes.

Often times, people want to enjoy the ending of something without understanding there is a process.

I am currently in the process of building a home. For weeks I have seen this process take place. From the beginning, there was only dirt, but now I have cabinets and tile floors. But, none of this happened over night. And although I am excited about finally living in our new home, there is still work to be done before we can move in. This, I must be patient and enjoy the process.

I want to encourage you today, to not rush life. Enjoy today because tomorrow is not promised. Dance like you’ve never danced, laugh like you’ve never laughed and simply enjoy the moment.

Yes, there may be times of frustration like being stuck in traffic. But, instead of getting upset, pop in your favorite CD and groove to the beats. Who cares who is watching you. You’re enjoying the moment. You’re enjoying the process!

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